Friday, November 30, 2007

Microsoft Joins Robotics with 'e-nuvo WALK’ Biped Robot

After Microsoft software, especially meant to program movements and other applications for robots was on sale in December 2006, ‘e-nuvo WALK’ became the first biped robot to run on it. Microsoft Xbox 360 remote demonstrated how a 14-inch-tall and 5.5-pound can be made to kick a ball after taking a few steps.


Not at all surprising, as ‘Robotics’ has become sole aim for Japanese with a burning desires to stand ahead in this thriving culture that this two legged robot with six motors in each of them and headless boxlike torso was set for online sale yesterday by ZMP with a $5,345 tag.

And it’s a wise step on behalf of Mr. Bill Gates, who could predict robots in every home in the coming times as he had done for computers in 1970s. This technology claims a wide scope for they make it easier to transfer technology from one robot to another. What exactly it will do is giving legs to PC culture to go out and communicate without getting limited to desktop.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Ultimate Flying R/C Robot

The Ultimate Flying R/C Robot

This may very well be the coolest radio controlled toy we have covered at GeekAlerts so far - this robot speaks, drives on land and flies in the air.

This R/C toy does it all, you can even charge your USB devices with the included XPV battery system. The remote triggers user-controlled speaking and missile sounds. For added effect, when the robot speaks, its eyes light up.

Here’s a video demonstration to give you a better idea:

Capable of performing amazing aerial stunts. Flight range of over 300 feet. Flies up to 30 MPH and over 20 stories. New, super-light stealth styling inspired by real stealth planes. Twin turbo engine design. Made with impact resistant material. Includes first aid vehicle repair kit. Detachable blaster included. 2 Channel controller.

The robot is available in two versions at Amazon:

The Ultimate Flying R/C Robot

Robot that dehumanizes the battlefield


Robots are gradually becoming the part and parcel of the life now-a-days. Bulk of the robots that are manufactured, are used for defense purposes. The latest in the trend is the shoot ‘em up robot. The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) can be used for multiple missions.

Earlier this year, robots were deployed in Iraq as well as Afghanistan by Foster Miller, a robot maker. Robots equipped with Weapons are the order of the day and some defense forces are proud to have them. The MAARS system has been designed uniquely.

This system packs a M240B medium machine gun along with a spotting scope. The human controller can sit still and let the weaponrized robot take the hit several miles away. The MAARS is tremendously versatile. The tank tracks can be easily transformed to wheels and the gun mount can be replaced with mechanical IED arms.

Great isn’t it! The arms are meant to assist the injured soldiers and get them out of harms way. The downside is that MAARS doesn’t have its own mind. So someone still has to pull the trigger.

Military exoskeleton becomes a frightening reality

Raytheon, the giant defense contractor, recently bought up Utah technology firm Sarcos' robotics business.  And it wasn't because of Sarcos' work on the Bellagio's fountains, I suspect.  For years, Sarcos has been working for the military on real-life exoskeletons, to radically boost soldiers' strength.  Here's a video of a Sarcos exoskeleton in action. 

Kyosho Robo Hopper

Kyosho Robo Hopper

Now ain't this something - the Kyosho Robo Hopper that looks more like the Rocketeer than anything else. Of course, he won't be equipped with a jet pack, but instead relies on a small helicopter mechanism located on its back that lifts him off the ground slowly but surely. The Robo Hopper's weight of 13 grams go a long way in helping him stay airborne. This will most probably work best indoors, as outside breeze will definitely interfere with your flight session. The Kyosho Robo Hopper will be released in Japan sometime at the end of next month. 

PLEN and Exercises

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