Friday, November 30, 2007

Microsoft Joins Robotics with 'e-nuvo WALK’ Biped Robot

After Microsoft software, especially meant to program movements and other applications for robots was on sale in December 2006, ‘e-nuvo WALK’ became the first biped robot to run on it. Microsoft Xbox 360 remote demonstrated how a 14-inch-tall and 5.5-pound can be made to kick a ball after taking a few steps.


Not at all surprising, as ‘Robotics’ has become sole aim for Japanese with a burning desires to stand ahead in this thriving culture that this two legged robot with six motors in each of them and headless boxlike torso was set for online sale yesterday by ZMP with a $5,345 tag.

And it’s a wise step on behalf of Mr. Bill Gates, who could predict robots in every home in the coming times as he had done for computers in 1970s. This technology claims a wide scope for they make it easier to transfer technology from one robot to another. What exactly it will do is giving legs to PC culture to go out and communicate without getting limited to desktop.

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